If you are also looking for some entertainment, which is very interesting and such an unconventional one, then I would like to personally invite you to Prague, because it is in Prague that you are going to have really perfect fun, in a style such as if you were soldiers and or police men and or maybe members of some kind of protective intervention unit. Or maybe security, or if you were a bodyguard. I think probably a lot of people sometimes want to experience what it`s like to be a soldier and or a straight-up professional soldier and or a professional police officer. Do you know what ties all this together?

Go for it!

Yes of course also courage and strength, but also mainly weapons in the first place. If you`re also interested in guns and would you ever want to shoot a gun? And even if you don`t have a license, you don`t have a gun license, so of course there`s nothing stopping you from trying to, like, shoot yourself with a gun. And you can also try short guns and or long guns. Go to Prague to see where he is just Prague gun range where they will show you both short guns and long guns. Short guns are those with a short front and it`s a revolver, for example, and so on. And the long guns, for example, are the long ones, of course, such as the hunters.

Do you like adrenaline?

In my opinion, it wouldn`t hurt if, say, every person tried at least once or twice in their life what it was like to hold a gun, or maybe they couldn`t shoot themselves, too? Of course, I don`t mean living objects. Not this, really! I wouldn`t like this personally either. I mean, if, say, people try to shoot some dummies. Or maybe paper cartons so people can count their points. How many times they might have hit the spot. I, for one, have very poor eyesight, so I don`t think I could hit a bullet. I`m not even going to say what, but I probably wouldn`t hit anything, and if I did hit something, it would just be a great miracle and also a great coincidence.